Coopers Real Ale BREWER PETE August 27th 2021

Best one yet

Did this with stock yeast,enhancer 2 ,500 g dextrose. 21 litres water. Dried hopped with 20 g Galaxy and 20 g nelson sav hops. Outcome is amazing just the right amount of bitterness and fruity favour. Just as good as a craft beer from your local brewery at a fraction of the price. Im doing this one again . Maybe some more hops and addition of honey.
Morgans Australian Lager Beer lover August 16th 2021

Quite a nice drop

Brewed at 22 degrees for 7 days, I used 1 kg of dextrose and left in a dark place. After 7 days I added 1 sachet of mangrove jacks fines and left for another 2 days before kegging and cold crashing for a further 2 days. Once carbonated poured a glass, it was quite a crisp refreshing lager. Would be perfect for those hot summer afternoons
Muntons Old Ale bobthebrewer August 11th 2021

Munton's Old Ale

Single can kit, no sugar to be added. No need to add any priming sugar when bottling, do follow the instructions here to avoid over carbonation. The brew will carbonate without priming sugar. Results. Well, definite home-brew zing from this one. Thick almost cloying beer with distinct notes of liquorice and a fairly prominent background bitterness. First try after 6 weeks in the bottle, the brew will probably improve with time as the flavours meld. Not really to my taste and the home-brew zing doesn't help. A kit that is similar in profile to the Brewferm Winter Ale. Well, second try after 5 months in the bottle. There is a definite improvement, the liquorice notes have almost disappeared, the home-brew zing has attenuated and this has turned into a not bad at all beer. I can't help but think that Munton's just wanted to put a copy-cat version of the Brewferm Winter Ale onto the market. The Old Ale is a very similar brew indeed but the Brewferm version gets the nod, it is a better brew, at least to my tastes. I have added an extra star to the review seeing as the brew has improved with time. Bumped the review up another star, this brew just gets batter & better with time.
Wheat Beer (Wit) bobthebrewer April 30th 2021

Brewferm Wheat Tripel

Brewed as instructions on the tin. Spot on again, true to style, it does everything a wheat beer should. I can't fault these Brewferm kits, they have to be the best available.
Ambiorix bobthebrewer March 6th 2021

Belgian Brown

Belgian Brown, perviously Ambriorix, rebranded, it's the one with Super Saison yeast.   Brewferm have updated their range of brews and they now have varietal yeasts that come with the kits.  Super Saison yeast is a super attenuator. (diastaticus)

Brewed with no mods, instructions on the tin followed. Excellent results. This is a highly attenuated brown ale that manages to give a balanced profile despite the 8% abv and the limited amount of residual sugars. You could mistake it for a 4% beer.

Perfectly balanced bitterness with strong hints of acidity, it works all the way. Five star rating for me, i'll be going back for some more.


Woodfordes Wherry Bitter bobthebrewer February 16th 2021


Wherry, 1st rebrew since 2013. Not overwhelmed, in your face caramel, some bitterness, makes me think of a toy beer, a facsimile.


4 star all the same, outha tin intatha bin & youn got beer.


couldn't  be easier 

Raspberry (Framboise) bobthebrewer January 7th 2021


Done Kit & Kilo wise, no mods.  Lovely balanced beer at the end, raspberry background with some hop bitterness that blends beautifully with the sweeter red fruit.  A spot of home-brew that compares very favourably with commercial beers even though this one is not entirely like the dessert raspberry beers that I have found on the supermarket shelves. Brewferm Framboos is a beer first, it tastes like beer with raspberry in it. 

Five star for me, excellent, straight out of the tin no mods, home-made beer within 3 - 4 weeks and it is just SO easy.

I was so impressed, I went out and bought another two tins, the last batch just disappeared.



Old Flemish Brown bobthebrewer December 16th 2020

Flemish Brown

Rebrew, sugar replaced by DME this time, 1 kg.  Excellent results within a month start to finish.  17 x 75 cl bottles of Flemish Brown Ale at £1.5 a shot, bargain.

Spot on kit.

Winter Ale bobthebrewer November 7th 2020

Previously Called Christmas Ale

Excellent kit, spot on.  Five stars, no problems.  Easy brewing, decent results at the end even though it requires at least six months conditioning. The beer just gets better and better as it ages.

Edit November 2021, this has become one of my regular brews, fantastic beer albeit a little odd maybe for newcomers.
Woodfordes Wherry Bitter philipg October 27th 2020

Very Good!

I tried Hombrewing about 30 years ago. The results were horrid enough to make me stop. I started again recently and have done 7 Wherry brews all of which were drinkable, the more recent being very good. I'm a lot more patient than I was 30 years back and have established that the following has produced really good beer:

1) throw away the instructions - they are worse than useless!

2) pitch at no more than 20 degrees

3) Primary ferment for min 3 weeks - it seems longer is better within reason (up to a few months)

4) secondary ferment (I use a barrel) min 3 weeks - it tastes a bit 'rubbery' when first moved to secondary but 3 weeks conditioning solves this

I've experimented with various water methods but found that just boiling the malt in a few pints of water to help with the dissolving and then just adding cold from the tap works for me. I use 70g sugar for the secondary.

I've had 3 or 4 consistently good beers using this method. Just started a Muntons American Pale using the same method but it looks as though it might not start although I've read that the american yeasts can take 3-4 days so will wait and see.


I give this a 5 because with a bit of tinkering as above I think it is a great one to start with as it is so reliable.

Morgans Canadian Pilsner Soundguy September 24th 2020

Not bad

brewmate enh#2, W34/70 dry hopped 5 days in. 8 weeks after bottling it's not bad, no hint of hops but ok drink.

Morgans Blue Mountain Lager Soundguy September 24th 2020


used w34/70, 1kg light malt, 250g multidextrin. 6 weeks after bottle quite a good drop not an award winner but no concentrate after taste easy summer beer.

Mangrove Jack's Irish Stout Soundguy September 24th 2020


US04, 1kg dark malt, 250 dextrose. Didnt carb up too well, 7 weeks post bottle day it's ok, I will work my way through it but wont offer it to anyone

Coopers Mexican Cerveza Soundguy September 24th 2020


1kg dext, 500g dme, 250 multi, W34/70, 3 weeks in the bottle and it's not a bad drop

Morgans Iron Bark Dark Ale Soundguy August 17th 2020

not bad

1kg dark malt, US04, 2 weeks primary, 4 weeks bottle, pretty good, 21litre. Next time would prob add 500g dextrose for a bit more booze but a good mid strength as is.

Mangrove Jack's Belgian Ale Soundguy August 17th 2020

working my way through it

not a winner this one, 1kg LME, US05, 21litre, worked out about 5% maybe a bit more tastes like cheap beer

Coopers Original Draught BEAVERBOY July 21st 2020


Been brewing mosta my life, just got into pressure fermenting and kegging, tend to favour the lighter lager type beers and add extra to them to add taste, body etc,

tried coopers draught as a base, added my own home grown hops orange sunrise, and the grated peel and juice of one orange, result was a very drinkable ale, will be even better after aging in my ikegger keg, definitly try again maybe using different additional fruits ?? to give different flavours.

Black Rock Lager petux June 3rd 2020

An attempt to replicate Millers lite?

Terrible just terrible, I am tempted to pour it out but I guess who knows maybe a miracle will happen? , will repost if it improves but Im not holding my breath.

Its a clever marketing idea though, a brew kit for people who don't like beer.

Its been 3 weeks, carbonation was a real problem as mentioned by others once the yeast had run out it did not seem to want to re-activate, do not use the supplied yeast.

Watery, tasteless and characterless I brewed it with 15% light dried malt and invert sugar at 20o, maybe a kilo of pure light malt instead of invert sugar and more hops might have saved it but really?

Its average two and a half stars  stars is being very charitable in my opinion, I give this dog one star at this time.


Coopers Real Ale <3 Beer May 23rd 2020

Not for me thanks.

Normally I do a recipe to the supplied instructions before reviewing. This time I skipped over, using MJ ale yeast, wheat malt and dry hopping with EKG in addition to the booster, as I figured the apparently large fan base of Real Ale made it a sure winner. Nope. By the time it had aged sufficiently to lose the awful iso hop taste which initially dominated the flavour, the EKG had long faded and the wheat malt was stale. No doubt a recipe fail, but I cant disguise my disappointment in this kit from any angle. Coopers do a wide range with some great entries, so I put this down to it being a budget end kit for beer lovers with -er- different tastes. Probably would be ok just doing the basic recipe and ageing a few months. But that would be a bit dull, right?

American IPA - Brewery Pouch <3 Beer May 22nd 2020

Nothing more to do

From the moment the pouch opened I was certain MJ nailed this one. The malts were just right and the hops excellent quality. The flavour intensity is more than sufficient to permit an extra 500g of ldm above the standard kg of malt booster. Given the style, extra fermentables are virtually mandatory in truth. This one is best sipped, and delivers all the expected fruity floral notes of an AIPA. It takes about 3 months to really peak if you use all the hops. IPAs are supposed to be pungent but it is possible to hold back some here, as the combo herein is truly Bold. There are a couple of issues with this kit. The pouch opening both extract and instructions like all these kits, the yeast is slow to work, particularly so with extra malts, and the recommendation to pitch hops without a bag is downright dumb, given the way these pellets disperse. They are just traps for first timers, not real detractors. Highly recommended for all hop lovers.

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