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Coopers: Coopers Stout Osensei November 10th 2022

Turned out great with these adjustments.

Nice dark taste and good balance between chocolate and habanero. Infused mash (300g of chocolate malt, 100g of pale and 100g of wheat). Boil: 10g of Fuggle @50 500g of MDME and Rock Sugar @30 10g each of Hallertau and Kent @20 Kit can @15 2 sliced habaneros @15 Moss @10 Kit yeast pitched @24oC Primary for 20 days @15oC Secondary for 6 days @15oC
Brewferm: Cherry (Kriek) Lambics bobthebrewer July 11th 2022

Cherry Beer by Brewferm

Brewed according to the instructions on the tin. Fine cherry beer when bottled but nothing like the dessert beers you'll find in the supermarkets. Can't knock it taste wise etc. BUT, there is not really very much difference between the cherry beer and the raspberry beer from the same maker. For a single tin of extract, this has to be the most expensive LME kit on the market, is it worth it ? I don't think so, I would rather save some $ and go for the raspberry version. Can't knock the beer but the I'll not be brewing this one again purely for price reasons. Hence, not a five star review.
Brewferm: English Porter jjxvi June 1st 2022

One of the best damn kits on the market

This kit is perhaps as close to perfection they will ever get I will keep making double batches of this beer for as long as I live
Muntons: Muntons Nut Brown Ale Osensei May 16th 2022

Add Habanero

Really great taste and balance! Infused 500g of Caramalt, then boiled mash adding: 1kg of mdme @20, 20g each of amarillo/cascade @45, kit lme @15 and Irish Moss and 1 chopped habanero @10. Used FermS-04. 14 days in primary, 5 days in secondary with 10g of same hop mix. Fermented @20-22oC the whole time. Primed with table sugar and bottled in 500L bottles. Was ready to consume in a week, with good head retention. Taste: Excellent malt/hop balance with a slight habanero sting at the end of the mouthful. Lips start to feel the habanero sting by mid-glass. Very pleasant experiment. Getting sweeter as aging. Will probably add more hops and maybe one more pepper next time to counter this. Give it a try.
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