Coopers Real Ale pedro June 1st 2019

Not Bad

Brewed this with its sold yeast and dextrose. Brewed well, result good carbonation refreshing, inoffensive but fairly dull. Good for the money but the sort of beer that I lose interest with and not one you sit there and look forward to. Probably better with a Safale yeast

Pale Ale bhjr88 April 15th 2019

Festa Brew Pale Ale

Very light no hop bitternessat all 2/5

Coopers Stout Fraincrua April 7th 2019

A great stout, says an Irishman

I'm a Guinness drinker when I'm out for a pint, at home here in Ireland, where it tastes better than anywhere else in the world (us Irish are great at travelling, but Guinness is not!) But I am more than happy to put Arthurs brew aside for my Coopers stout.  This is not a stout of the same style as the famous G, but a stout so good it's worthy of mention beside it. This is my first go at this kit and I made with 1kg BKE, 500g dark DME, 200g Golden Syurp to 23l, primmed in King Keg with 150g Golden Syurp. At 4 weeks kegged tastes just fantastic, a really easy drinker. It has all the flavours you want in a stout but without being very heavy. I have done the Coopers Irish stout a couple of times before, not sure as yet which I prefair. I have another C's Irish in second keg conditioning now, will be able to do straight comp in a few weeks (if any of this stuff is still left!) Will be doing another brew of this right away! Oh, and I took readings, didn't write them down and forget them now, so not sure how the ABV worked out, but using the recipe above it has a right kick, must be a good 5% plus????

IPA American Beer Kit jofchangue February 23rd 2019

Young AMerican IPA 6.5%

First time with a Youngs kit. Very good instructions particularly on temperture control.

Kept fermentor on constant heat in the brewing fridge - the yeast was quite lively in the first few days.

The hops sachet was added in a muslin bag and added great character and taste to the beer

I have had the first bottle two weeks after the recommended tasting date and I think this is one of the best beers I have produced. Lovely hooping taste but not ovr powering and lovely head.

Family Secret Amber Ale nomoregoon February 21st 2019

simple Recipe works best.

2nd time brewing this kit. 1st time i did with 1 can amber  malt extract and finished with equanaught hops. Tasted like complete shite. 2nd time (10 month later) was in desperate need of beer fast so brewed with 1/2 can of light lme & 1/2 be2.20 ltrs. didnt wory bout temp too much just sat in laundry tub (no bath) for 6 days lol. Used repitched us04 yeast both times. moved primary to fridge and crashed for 24 hrs before transferring to keg. force carbed on day 8 and was all done. no added hops. Result: F*#cking Sensational!!! tasted like it had aged to perfection off flavour just subtle & complex ambery sweetness. kept a nice head too. was a little on the chill hase for 1st half week of drinking but cleared right up in 2nd half. tasted 9/10 in 1st week 10/10 in second. Will add this to rotation & dont see any need to change recepie :)

Muntons IPA Bitter Toxxyc January 8th 2019

So far, so good

Brewed this kit a few weeks ago.  It was purchased for me as a gift, so I didn't have too much hope for it.  I brewed it using a better yeast (Mangrove Jack's M42 New World Strong Ale) and added a small bag of sugars to boost it (750g of maltose/dextrose mix).  This pushed OG to 1.050.  Fermented at 20°C and rested at 24°C.  Dry hopped for 4 days using a small amount (10g) of U1/108 hop pellets (local South African experimental hops).  Bottle carbonated using carbonation drops.

Colour is darker than I expected, but it does look a little bit watery.  Has a slight reddish tone to it.  Pretty clear for an unfined beer.  Flavour is excellent, and the fruitiness of the dry hopped hops came through very well.  Before dry hopping I took a sample taste from the hydrometer tube (when checking if it was done fermenting) and I was very, very surprised.  I suspect this is now my go-to "have no time to brew" tins for when BIAB isn't an option.

PS:  The recipe for this tin changed over the past few years, somewhere.  Munton's increased the IBUs and the colour, so it's a bit more bitter now.  I never tasted the first one, but this new one really isn't bad at all.  A bit more expensive than the usual kit prices, but worth every cent if you ask me.

West Coast India Pale Ale bhjr88 December 28th 2018

Festa Brew IPA

Very good beer. Hoppy and fairly light 

American Premium Lager Ck December 3rd 2018

Premium Lager kit from Brew House turned out great  highly recommend

Mexican Cervaza Ck December 3rd 2018


we are impressed with the result of this brew  and will do more  

Double Oatmeal Stout Beer Mike November 27th 2018

I kegged it !!! Wow.


First time brewing DOS from Festa Brew.  I kegged it, and by the way I like stout but not a big fan, but this stout is very good.  I usually only have one stout and then something else, but with this one I can have a few.

I keep my kegerator around 2degC.

Great taste.


Pilsner - Brewery Pouch Ovi October 8th 2018

Pilsner recipe no. 10 New Zealand

The worst beer. Maturated 3 months and still the taste is like calcium on the walls. Maybe is a matter of taste, but even few of my friends didn't like it.

Mangrove Jack's Munich Lager Ovi October 8th 2018

Lager Helles receipe no. 12

I made 15 kits till now and I am not going to buy again this Helles. Cannot describe the taste but believe me that my friends didn't like it too. I respected the normal temperature, density before botteling and 2 months in the fridge.

Wal's Bitter 1.7kg joelh September 28th 2018

Pay more but u get more

This kit come 10g of yeast instead of 7 and i belive it is a lager yeast

The good thing with this kit u dont halfe add any extra hops it comeS with just the right amount 4 this stlye of beer . I brewed with coppers LLM . Bottome line this kit makes an great bitter and true to the stlye 

Coopers Irish Stout joelh September 15th 2018

Added lactoes

This is a good kit i used a milk stout comobo wich is 750g dark malt 250g lactoes brewed to 18liters i uesed the stock yeast i have used an english ale yeast before but i found the stock yeast is just as good. My mates how dont normaly like stout really like this one. I find this kit keeps a good head and is a little sweeter compared to most other stout kits .

Coopers Irish Stout joelh September 15th 2018

Added lactoes

This is a good kit i used a milk stout comobo wich is 750g dark malt 250g lactoes brewed to 18liters i uesed the stock yeast i have used an english ale yeast before but i found the stock yeast is just as good. My mates how dont normaly like stout really like this one. I find this kit keeps a good head and is a little sweeter compared to most other stout kits .

West Coast India Pale Ale Beer Mike September 14th 2018


I brew this beer twice.  The first time, was my first time brewing ever (pretty simple to brew).  I bottled the beer in 750ml bottle, 2 weeks fermenting (4 days in primary, 10 days in secondary), 4 weeks in bottle, WOW !!! The result was perfect for my tastes, not too hoppy with just a bit of bitterness with 6.3% alchool.

Now, second time I brew this, 3 weeks fermenting (4 days in primary and the rest in secondary).  I've putted it in keg (yes it didn't took me long to get everthing for kegging), then carbonnated it for 2 days and half at 25psi... then this day came WOW !!! Same great taste (6.5% this time)...

So for me, it's a must have in one of my keg !!!

Morgans Dockside Stout joelh September 14th 2018


I have brewed it a few times now i find the best way is to 20L with morgans roasted dark  Malt has real roasty falvour to it similar 2 the coppers origanal stout kit Probly a little beter in my opion. Ps it does it need it but 250g of choc malt just macks it that much better

Innkeeper's Draught Sparkling Ale joelh September 14th 2018

Inkeepers sparkling ale

Made to repicpi plus 12g of pride of ringwood comes out good not as malty as the old thomas copper kit not as yeasty as the real thing all and all a good kit

Morgans Australian Bitter joelh September 14th 2018

Bitter with age

I have brewed this a bunch of times i found the best way is 1 can of coppers light malt 12g of POR hops and a morgans lager yeast i try to brew it around 15 degrees comes out true to the stlye i give it 4 stars if u add the hops and yeast 3 stars if u just brew per to method on can best after 3 months 

Coopers Real Ale Glen_4559 July 22nd 2018

Great Beer

Brewed with 1 kg LDM and kit yeast ....finned after 10 days bottled after 14 day ... SG 1040 FG 1006 .... has a great deep rich amber brown colour and creamy white lingering head ... smooth malty taste with nice hint of hop ...  highly recommend as it is easy and tastes great ... commercial beer drinkers love it ... 

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