Pilsner - Brewery Pouch Ovi October 8th 2018

Pilsner recipe no. 10 New Zealand

The worst beer. Maturated 3 months and still the taste is like calcium on the walls. Maybe is a matter of taste, but even few of my friends didn't like it.

Mangrove Jack's Munich Lager Ovi October 8th 2018

Lager Helles receipe no. 12

I made 15 kits till now and I am not going to buy again this Helles. Cannot describe the taste but believe me that my friends didn't like it too. I respected the normal temperature, density before botteling and 2 months in the fridge.

Wal's Bitter 1.7kg joelh September 28th 2018

Pay more but u get more

This kit come 10g of yeast instead of 7 and i belive it is a lager yeast

The good thing with this kit u dont halfe add any extra hops it comeS with just the right amount 4 this stlye of beer . I brewed with coppers LLM . Bottome line this kit makes an great bitter and true to the stlye 

Coopers Irish Stout joelh September 15th 2018

Added lactoes

This is a good kit i used a milk stout comobo wich is 750g dark malt 250g lactoes brewed to 18liters i uesed the stock yeast i have used an english ale yeast before but i found the stock yeast is just as good. My mates how dont normaly like stout really like this one. I find this kit keeps a good head and is a little sweeter compared to most other stout kits .

Coopers Irish Stout joelh September 15th 2018

Added lactoes

This is a good kit i used a milk stout comobo wich is 750g dark malt 250g lactoes brewed to 18liters i uesed the stock yeast i have used an english ale yeast before but i found the stock yeast is just as good. My mates how dont normaly like stout really like this one. I find this kit keeps a good head and is a little sweeter compared to most other stout kits .

West Coast India Pale Ale Beer Mike September 14th 2018


I brew this beer twice.  The first time, was my first time brewing ever (pretty simple to brew).  I bottled the beer in 750ml bottle, 2 weeks fermenting (4 days in primary, 10 days in secondary), 4 weeks in bottle, WOW !!! The result was perfect for my tastes, not too hoppy with just a bit of bitterness with 6.3% alchool.

Now, second time I brew this, 3 weeks fermenting (4 days in primary and the rest in secondary).  I've putted it in keg (yes it didn't took me long to get everthing for kegging), then carbonnated it for 2 days and half at 25psi... then this day came WOW !!! Same great taste (6.5% this time)...

So for me, it's a must have in one of my keg !!!

Morgans Dockside Stout joelh September 14th 2018


I have brewed it a few times now i find the best way is to 20L with morgans roasted dark  Malt has real roasty falvour to it similar 2 the coppers origanal stout kit Probly a little beter in my opion. Ps it does it need it but 250g of choc malt just macks it that much better

Innkeeper's Draught Sparkling Ale joelh September 14th 2018

Inkeepers sparkling ale

Made to repicpi plus 12g of pride of ringwood comes out good not as malty as the old thomas copper kit not as yeasty as the real thing all and all a good kit

Morgans Australian Bitter joelh September 14th 2018

Bitter with age

I have brewed this a bunch of times i found the best way is 1 can of coppers light malt 12g of POR hops and a morgans lager yeast i try to brew it around 15 degrees comes out true to the stlye i give it 4 stars if u add the hops and yeast 3 stars if u just brew per to method on can best after 3 months 

Coopers Real Ale Glen_4559 July 22nd 2018

Great Beer

Brewed with 1 kg LDM and kit yeast ....finned after 10 days bottled after 14 day ... SG 1040 FG 1006 .... has a great deep rich amber brown colour and creamy white lingering head ... smooth malty taste with nice hint of hop ...  highly recommend as it is easy and tastes great ... commercial beer drinkers love it ... 

Coopers Canadian Blonde Glen_4559 July 22nd 2018

Easy drinker with a smidgen of lager style sweetness

Lovely easy drinking beer ... this light amber Blond is an easy drinker in the new light Ale style but to me is reminds me of a Lager. I always have some of this aging .... great after a months better after 3 ... Last brew made with Kit yeast and 1/2 kilo each of LDM and Dex ... SG 1040 FG 1006 ABV 5.057% ...  

Coopers European Lager Glen_4559 July 22nd 2018

Wish i could nail this ...

Made kit but it finished way to fast as I had issues with temp control .... was cloudy in bottle and the monthly tastings showed little potential .... now been in bottle for 5 months and has developed nicely ... cloudiness has gone and flavour is good ... have since fixed temperature issues and just did another brew at 12 - 14 degrees finned at 12 days and bottles at 14 .... needs another 2 months in bottle before ready and hope it is as good as I have heard ... will return and up date ... 

Coopers Stout Glen_4559 July 22nd 2018

Great Brew

used kit yeast with 1 kg LDM .... great smooth taste .... wonderful dark colour with lingering white head ... finned at 12 days bottles at 14 ... brewed at 12 - 16 degrees ...  its a 5 from me 

86 Days Pilsner Glen_4559 July 22nd 2018

this was a fail for me ...

Brewed this twice and dispappointed to say It was a fail .... 1st brew was way too quick as i had issues with temp control that brew was cloudy in the bottle had loads of ester flavours and even after 5 months has not improved enough to say that it was a success although cloudyness has gone... second brew was done as per the 1st but with 1 kg of LDM and brewed with better temp control... was brewed at 12 -16 degrees .... fined at 12 and bottled at 14 ... after a month has same taste issues as the 1st brew .... will leave for a few months and revisit review ... but as of this moment will not be doing again unless age turns it into a huge winner ... for mine a tough brew to master ... 

Diabolo bobthebrewer July 7th 2018


Tried a year old version brewed by a friend.  Tastes true to style to me, actually like a Belgian beer, even if I did find it a bit sweet.  But that's what Belgian beers are like .... I'm not a fan but I can't fault the kit, it does what it says on the tin, it makes beer that tastes like it's Belgian !

Woodfordes Wherry Bitter Harmergeddon July 3rd 2018

Woodfordes wherry

I bought a number of these kits from wilkos when they were on special. First two i made as per instructions and both came out rubbish. Had that homebrew twang to them and way too bitter.

After that i split all the cans up and used them in my own hybrid extract recipes. I would not recomend this kit.


Bootmaker Pale Ale turkish May 14th 2018

Very Good

i drank couple of bottles that was made by a mate. Kit is perfect. he added 50gr cascade dry hop. Result was perfect

Coopers Real Ale Trav_C May 12th 2018

Cooper Ale review

Found a kit in the garage which was 4 years past its best before date.  Took up a challenge to make a palatable.


1 x coopers real ale kit, 500g Amber malt (DRY), 300g dextrose, 500ml honey, 300g Crystal grain (Steeped) , 300g oats (Mashed), 20g SAAZ hops (Steeped), 20g cascade dry hopped), M44 mangrove jacks yeast. Added water to make 23l

Fermented in the primary for 10 days.  Bulked primed with dextrose.  Bottled conditioned for 4 weeks.

Very good result and was surprised the flavour of the hops very pronounced.  already have another one of these down as all of my freind prefered this over the 10 batches i have the beer fridge.

Muntons Cerveza Earflaps April 3rd 2018

A New Favourite

Light tasting with a hint of bitterness like a Pale it!

Added 500gms of LDME along with 750gms of Dextrose and made 20L (I think).  Added additional 1/2 pack of US-05 yeast and a small amount of Heading Powder. Brewed at 24C for a day then reduced to 17C for the remaining 3 weeks.  Racked straight from Primary to Keg and chilled with carbonation for 2 weeks. Came out to aprox 5.7% alcohol.  The head was a little more than I would have liked so I will definately stay away from the Heading Powder next time.

Black Rock NZ Company Bitter nomoregoon March 23rd 2018

smooth for an out of dater

Was about to buy coopers english stylemy cornin  bitter and ended up swapping for this kit at last min half price $9au cuz she waz out'o'date by 6month. Thought what the heck. brewed with rebitched us-04n yeast, 0.5 kg ldme, 350grm brew sugar, 20ltr, fnish hop with Equinaut 25grm steep for 10 min. kegged. only have drank the 1.5 ltr that wouldent fit  in my corny. force carb with carb cap on keg day. it was rater yeasty due to shaking etc but dang, wow imean one of my best brews and kit was out o date by a fair stretch beer will only improve and its lready the shiz. Im a big big fan of tha equinaut with this style brew.

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