Muntons Premium Lager Thump@ January 19th 2017

Very Sweet

Too sweet for me.  My lady friends like it though.

Muntons Premium Pilsner Thump@ January 19th 2017


Too sweet.  Needs some bittering hops.  Very drinkable though.

Crafted Indian Pale Ale Thump@ January 19th 2017

A Real IPA

First IPA kit I have made that tastes like a real IPA. I think it could improve even more with some dry hopping.

Dutch Pilsner neville January 9th 2017

Best ever

Great lager best kit around

dry hop or steep some German hops to add a bit of extra flavour if you like

Dry Stout neville January 9th 2017

Good Stout

good Stout

try with steeped oats to make an oatmeal stout

English Brown Ale neville January 9th 2017

Good Brown

Great brown ale

ages well in bottle

Mount Mellick Irish Cream Ale neville January 8th 2017

Great try as an American Red

brew with DME and dry hop with Citra and Amarillo hops 


Wakatu Pilsner Thump@ January 6th 2017


There are hops included in the can so no need to dry hop. Full of flavour. Good balance of malt and hop.  Made with 2 cans of Whakatu Pilsner and Mangrove Jacks California Lager yeast fermented at 19C for 3 weeks.  Iam about to put one down again using Safelager at 13C but cant imagine it could taste any better. Rivals any craft beer pilsner on the market.

Riwaka Pale Ale Thump@ January 6th 2017

Best kit ever

Big bold flavours just how I like my Pale Ales.  There are hops in the can so no need to dry hop. Made with extra light malt and Safe ale 05.  Lovely rich malt flavour with a real punch of hops.   This is my new favourite kit.

Muntons IPA Bitter Thump@ January 5th 2017

Not what you expect

I made this twice as I was convinced that the first can must have had the wrong label on it. They both came out the same.  It is not bitter at all, its very dark for an IPA and has no hop flavour. It's a very drinkable, just not an IPA or Bitter.

Mangrove Jack's Dutch Lager gman January 4th 2017

Dutch lagar

Followed the recipe to the Tee. Fermented at 22c for 12 days.  Used 2 flat tsp per 600ml of table sugar to carbonate.  Left the brew for two weeks then chilled to about 8c.  Came ot real good. Colour about 4 on the chart.       I had  tourists from Canada and Korea stay here and they preferred it to Carlsberg.  Another couple of solid beer drinkers (own a bar) did a blind test against Heineken with one marginally prefering the Heiny and the other preferring the brew.  Easy to make. Taste pretty close to Heineken.  Woud do again

Muntons Bock Beer turkish November 26th 2016

so so...

Fatih bu kit ile ilgili hakl?s?n. Fatih is right about the kit. Kit does not promise anything. Not malty, no dark beer notes like caramel or choc or coffee. it is just a beer. i used half kg light hopped dme and half kg table sugar. probably it needs 1,5 kg dark lme, maybe it would taste like proper dark beer.

Ambiorix turkish November 26th 2016


we made it for a mate. i drank almost 5 bottles from the batch. apart from other brewferm kits ths kit is stable. i mean taste is in 1st month almost same as 3rd months. (sorry for my english probably not enough to explain it) i mean u do not need to stock it for long. brewferm ipa on the other hand if it waits 6 months it turns out perfect. anyway it is never waste of money or time. also it is very appropriate for dry hopping as brewfem gold. brewferm gold is best among brewferm kits though. well it is another subject.

Gold turkish November 26th 2016

best of brewferm..

i drank a few bottles from my mate's batch. it was 3+ months old. best of brewferm for me. after had drank it. i ordered 25-kg plastig can. he did nothing else to add suggested amount of suger. that kit tasted like to me to appropriate for any addings like dry hops or different brand yeast.

Hammer of Thor turkish November 26th 2016

it doesn't worth...

we tried here this kit and raja reward bot from same brand. well clearity was perfect. however they took to redue yeast taste more than 3 months. 21 C fermentation degree. even after 3 months they were not good beers. just average. hammer of thor especially was taste like becks beer. also one of my friends tried strongest ipa one i do not recall the brand it. he made same complainings too

Muntons Export Stout turkish November 26th 2016

like guiness foreign stout.

i made 2 batch for me and 1 for my mate. 1st try was 1 kit + 1 kg hopped light dme. with s-33 yeast. taste like very yeasty. 2nd try was wit 0,5 kg hopped dme and half kg sugar. kit yeast plus dry hopping with mittelfruh and herbsbrucker hops. that became legend among of my friend. it was perfect. we did for my mate with half kg. dark dme and half of sugar. it was great too. tasted like more foreign stou i drank in singapore. i drank guiness draught too. foreign stout is way way better and this kit more fifmiliar with foreign stout.

Coopers Stout turkish November 26th 2016

important control fermentation temp.

i did twice. 1 with dry hopping with cascade, miitelfrüh and herbsbrucker like 30.g but it fermentated around 25. dry hops taste were very obvios but u might feel the taste of wine. winy taste probably becouse of 25 C. then i made it around 20C, just dark malt and table sugar half to half. turned out great. and it was ready to drink in 2 week which is very fast. anyway it is nice stout for a stout lover, just check the temprature

Coopers India Pale Ale (IPA) turkish November 24th 2016

Good kit indeed...

I made this kit by using 1,25 kg. wayermann pale malt, 0,25 kg wayerman carared malt, half kg. table sugar, 15 g (cascade, mittelfrüh and herbsbrucker) hops last minute boil and 15 g. same hops for dry hops for 3 days. 2 weeks fermentation now 4th weeks in bottle maybe a few days or 1 week more. Result? Result is tip top. Very nice ipa indeed. as time goes by bittering hops inside kit lessen and surface my aroma hops. even though i squeezed malt bag to catch more sugar it has turned out pretty clear. Not crystal clear as lager but pretty clear for an ale. previously i had done some coopers kits like real ale, stout, english bitter and dark ale, mainly standart series. this ipa is better than them all. i used kit yeast. it is pretty neutral. i will rate out 4, but it is like 4,3...

Mangrove Jack's Mexican Cerveza kiwibrewer October 28th 2016


Made the kit/pack as per the ingredients and instructions provided (1.7kg of MJ's international cerveza malt can, MJ's brew blend #15 - 1kg of sugars/DME) Fermented while keeping the temps within the temp range given in the instructions 18-30oC (pitched yeast at 20oC and kept between 18 and 19oC for 8 days) bottled at SG 1006 after getting the same reading for 2 days in a row, the yeast was obviously not a true lager strain (bassed on recomended temps and lack of charectoristic sulphur smell from fermenter which true lager strains give off) despite a seperate "mangrove jack's craft series lager yeast" pack being included in the package seperate fromthe one glued to the top of the malt can and seemed no different from anyother 'neutral ale yeast', tried the 1st beer after 14 days in the bottle (with 2x mangrove jack's carbonation drops added per 750ml bottle) and the next one at 21 days at a similar temp, the result is a beer that has alot of malty/sugary scents and VERY average taste with poor head retention. Wouldn't recomend buying this kit if you want a crisp mexican style lager like corona (as sugested on the package) and have had better results from cheaper 'euro lager' kits purchaced from supermarkets at a much lower price. some home brew companies appear to be marketing and tayloring their products towards the masses who will buy a brew setup on a whim, brew 2-3 times and give up and either sell it or throw it away after not controlling temps and/or not sanitising bottles and not getting a good result, then go back to buying comercial beers in the box. this kit is a prime example. first and the last Mj's kit i'll buy.

Muntons Bock Beer fatih October 11th 2016

not good

firstly sory about my english. so, unfortunately its not fresh and not easy drink. i can drink only one bottle. but my friends is very like this beer. i will never made again.

1 kg sugar 

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