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Muntons: Muntons Cerveza Earflaps April 3rd 2018

A New Favourite

Light tasting with a hint of bitterness like a Pale Ale...love it!

Added 500gms of LDME along with 750gms of Dextrose and made 20L (I think).  Added additional 1/2 pack of US-05 yeast and a small amount of Heading Powder. Brewed at 24C for a day then reduced to 17C for the remaining 3 weeks.  Racked straight from Primary to Keg and chilled with carbonation for 2 weeks. Came out to aprox 5.7% alcohol.  The head was a little more than I would have liked so I will definately stay away from the Heading Powder next time.

Black Rock: Black Rock NZ Company Bitter nomoregoon March 23rd 2018

smooth for an out of dater

Was about to buy coopers english stylemy cornin  bitter and ended up swapping for this kit at last min half price $9au cuz she waz out'o'date by 6month. Thought what the heck. brewed with rebitched us-04n yeast, 0.5 kg ldme, 350grm brew sugar, 20ltr, fnish hop with Equinaut 25grm steep for 10 min. kegged. only have drank the 1.5 ltr that wouldent fit  in my corny. force carb with carb cap on keg day. it was rater yeasty due to shaking etc but dang, wow imean one of my best brews and kit was out o date by a fair stretch beer will only improve and its lready the shiz. Im a big big fan of tha equinaut with this style brew.

Coopers: Coopers Wheat Beer Cavcavali March 19th 2018

One of the worst

I brewed a lot of hefe with wyeast 3068 and used a lot of different kits. Port66, muntons, brewferm Tarwabier and this. This was the thinnest beer of them all and lack of mouthfeel really is a killjoy with wheatbeers.

Woodfordes: Woodfordes Wherry Bitter Cavcavali March 19th 2018

Best English bitter kit

I love this kit. Comes almost everything you need to make a good beer (I add 500gr light malt extract or sugar) and after two months bottle conditioning the taste was priceless.


Pros: comes with good yeast

3kg malt extract 

Really tasty


Comes:takes about 2 months for best results

No dry hops included

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