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The Brew House: American Premium Lager Ck December 3rd 2018

Premium Lager kit from Brew House turned out great  highly recommend

The Brew House: Mexican Cervaza Ck December 3rd 2018


we are impressed with the result of this brew  and will do more  

Festa Brew: Double Oatmeal Stout Beer Mike November 27th 2018

I kegged it !!! Wow.


First time brewing DOS from Festa Brew.  I kegged it, and by the way I like stout but not a big fan, but this stout is very good.  I usually only have one stout and then something else, but with this one I can have a few.

I keep my kegerator around 2degC.

Great taste.


Mangrove Jacks: Pilsner - Brewery Pouch Ovi October 8th 2018

Pilsner recipe no. 10 New Zealand

The worst beer. Maturated 3 months and still the taste is like calcium on the walls. Maybe is a matter of taste, but even few of my friends didn't like it.

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