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Morgans Royal Oak Amber Ale Richardbutto August 23rd 2016

Never fail great kit

Great easy drinking brew, great with light dry malt  or morgans caramalt, add pride of Ringwood definitely plus galaxy and or armorillo and end up with a craft quality beer at a budget price! 

Coopers Australian Pale Ale Richardbutto August 23rd 2016

Keep it simple

Been making the pale ale kit for quite a while, one of the best was just the kit plus dextrose and dry hop pride of Ringwood, so close to the real thing! Have made with 3 hops plus malts but the basic recipe is the best

Morgans Canadian Light Richardbutto August 23rd 2016

Best easy drinking

Best easy drinking kit, very underrated! Like to make it as a low carb and low gluten brew with just 500g dextrose, dry enzime and dry hop with galaxy, chinook, or tettanger for a great never fail thurst quencher! Really cant go wrong with this kit as a basic or triple hoped pale ale, have done with s04 yeast, 15g cluster, 15g armorillo and 15g wiiliamette and 1.5kg morgans liquid wheat malt as a james squire 150 lashes clone with great results too, supplied yeast is very good too!

Morgans Golden Saaz Pilsener peterlonz August 13th 2016

Very disappointing

Did everything right:

Morgans premium lager yeast, fermented at a constant 21.5 (I do not have fermentation temp control) monitored closely!

Morgans Saaz finishing hops & 1 Kg of Ultrabrew.

It looks like cat's pee, taste is bland. IBU very low & almost zero hop aroma or taste.

Don't bother there are many better kits, Morgans need to do something about this product!