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Brewferm: Raspberry (Framboise) bobthebrewer January 7th 2021


Done Kit & Kilo wise, no mods.  Lovely balanced beer at the end, raspberry background with some hop bitterness that blends beautifully with the sweeter red fruit.  A spot of home-brew that compares very favourably with commercial beers even though this one is not entirely like the dessert raspberry beers that I have found on the supermarket shelves. Brewferm Framboos is a beer first, it tastes like beer with raspberry in it. 

Five star for me, excellent, straight out of the tin no mods, home-made beer within 3 - 4 weeks and it is just SO easy.



Brewferm: Old Flemish Brown bobthebrewer December 16th 2020

Flemish Brown

Rebrew, sugar replaced by DME this time, 1 kg.  Excellent results within a month start to finish.  17 x 75 cl bottles of Flemish Brown Ale at £1.5 a shot, bargain.

Spot on kit.

Brewferm: Winter Ale bobthebrewer November 7th 2020

Previously Called Christmas Ale

Excellent kit, spot on.  Five stars, no problems.  Easy brewing, decent results at the end even though it requires at least six months conditioning. The beer just gets better and better as it ages.

Woodfordes: Woodfordes Wherry Bitter philipg October 27th 2020

Very Good!

I tried Hombrewing about 30 years ago. The results were horrid enough to make me stop. I started again recently and have done 7 Wherry brews all of which were drinkable, the more recent being very good. I'm a lot more patient than I was 30 years back and have established that the following has produced really good beer:

1) throw away the instructions - they are worse than useless!

2) pitch at no more than 20 degrees

3) Primary ferment for min 3 weeks - it seems longer is better within reason (up to a few months)

4) secondary ferment (I use a barrel) min 3 weeks - it tastes a bit 'rubbery' when first moved to secondary but 3 weeks conditioning solves this

I've experimented with various water methods but found that just boiling the malt in a few pints of water to help with the dissolving and then just adding cold from the tap works for me. I use 70g sugar for the secondary.

I've had 3 or 4 consistently good beers using this method. Just started a Muntons American Pale using the same method but it looks as though it might not start although I've read that the american yeasts can take 3-4 days so will wait and see.


I give this a 5 because with a bit of tinkering as above I think it is a great one to start with as it is so reliable.

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