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Coopers: Coopers Original Draught BEAVERBOY July 21st 2020


Been brewing mosta my life, just got into pressure fermenting and kegging, tend to favour the lighter lager type beers and add extra to them to add taste, body etc,

tried coopers draught as a base, added my own home grown hops orange sunrise, and the grated peel and juice of one orange, result was a very drinkable ale, will be even better after aging in my ikegger keg, definitly try again maybe using different additional fruits ?? to give different flavours.

Black Rock: Black Rock Lager petux June 3rd 2020

An attempt to replicate Millers lite?

Terrible just terrible, I am tempted to pour it out but I guess who knows maybe a miracle will happen? , will repost if it improves but Im not holding my breath.

Its a clever marketing idea though, a brew kit for people who don't like beer.

Its been 3 weeks, carbonation was a real problem as mentioned by others once the yeast had run out it did not seem to want to re-activate, do not use the supplied yeast.

Watery, tasteless and characterless I brewed it with 15% light dried malt and invert sugar at 20o, maybe a kilo of pure light malt instead of invert sugar and more hops might have saved it but really?

Its average two and a half stars  stars is being very charitable in my opinion, I give this dog one star at this time.


Coopers: Coopers Real Ale <3 Beer May 23rd 2020

Not for me thanks.

Normally I do a recipe to the supplied instructions before reviewing. This time I skipped over, using MJ ale yeast, wheat malt and dry hopping with EKG in addition to the booster, as I figured the apparently large fan base of Real Ale made it a sure winner. Nope. By the time it had aged sufficiently to lose the awful iso hop taste which initially dominated the flavour, the EKG had long faded and the wheat malt was stale. No doubt a recipe fail, but I cant disguise my disappointment in this kit from any angle. Coopers do a wide range with some great entries, so I put this down to it being a budget end kit for beer lovers with -er- different tastes. Probably would be ok just doing the basic recipe and ageing a few months. But that would be a bit dull, right?

Mangrove Jacks: American IPA - Brewery Pouch <3 Beer May 22nd 2020

Nothing more to do

From the moment the pouch opened I was certain MJ nailed this one. The malts were just right and the hops excellent quality. The flavour intensity is more than sufficient to permit an extra 500g of ldm above the standard kg of malt booster. Given the style, extra fermentables are virtually mandatory in truth. This one is best sipped, and delivers all the expected fruity floral notes of an AIPA. It takes about 3 months to really peak if you use all the hops. IPAs are supposed to be pungent but it is possible to hold back some here, as the combo herein is truly Bold. There are a couple of issues with this kit. The pouch opening both extract and instructions like all these kits, the yeast is slow to work, particularly so with extra malts, and the recommendation to pitch hops without a bag is downright dumb, given the way these pellets disperse. They are just traps for first timers, not real detractors. Highly recommended for all hop lovers.

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