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The Brew House: Pale Ale bhjr88 April 15th 2019

Festa Brew Pale Ale

Very light no hop bitternessat all 2/5

Coopers: Coopers Stout Fraincrua April 7th 2019

A great stout, says an Irishman

I'm a Guinness drinker when I'm out for a pint, at home here in Ireland, where it tastes better than anywhere else in the world (us Irish are great at travelling, but Guinness is not!) But I am more than happy to put Arthurs brew aside for my Coopers stout.  This is not a stout of the same style as the famous G, but a stout so good it's worthy of mention beside it. This is my first go at this kit and I made with 1kg BKE, 500g dark DME, 200g Golden Syurp to 23l, primmed in King Keg with 150g Golden Syurp. At 4 weeks kegged tastes just fantastic, a really easy drinker. It has all the flavours you want in a stout but without being very heavy. I have done the Coopers Irish stout a couple of times before, not sure as yet which I prefair. I have another C's Irish in second keg conditioning now, will be able to do straight comp in a few weeks (if any of this stuff is still left!) Will be doing another brew of this right away! Oh, and I took readings, didn't write them down and forget them now, so not sure how the ABV worked out, but using the recipe above it has a right kick, must be a good 5% plus????

Youngs: IPA American Beer Kit jofchangue February 23rd 2019

Young AMerican IPA 6.5%

First time with a Youngs kit. Very good instructions particularly on temperture control.

Kept fermentor on constant heat in the brewing fridge - the yeast was quite lively in the first few days.

The hops sachet was added in a muslin bag and added great character and taste to the beer

I have had the first bottle two weeks after the recommended tasting date and I think this is one of the best beers I have produced. Lovely hooping taste but not ovr powering and lovely head.

Coopers: Family Secret Amber Ale nomoregoon February 21st 2019

simple Recipe works best.

2nd time brewing this kit. 1st time i did with 1 can amber  malt extract and finished with equanaught hops. Tasted like complete shite. 2nd time (10 month later) was in desperate need of beer fast so brewed with 1/2 can of light lme & 1/2 be2.20 ltrs. didnt wory bout temp too much just sat in laundry tub (no bath) for 6 days lol. Used repitched us04 yeast both times. moved primary to fridge and crashed for 24 hrs before transferring to keg. force carbed on day 8 and was all done. no added hops. Result: F*#cking Sensational!!! tasted like it had aged to perfection lol.no off flavour just subtle & complex ambery sweetness. kept a nice head too. was a little on the chill hase for 1st half week of drinking but cleared right up in 2nd half. tasted 9/10 in 1st week 10/10 in second. Will add this to rotation & dont see any need to change recepie :)

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