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Coopers: Coopers Sparkling Ale nomoregoon February 29th 2020

better than store bought version once hopped with Northern Brewer :)

this is my go2 recepie for lighter colour refreshing tasty ass beer. 2weeks in primary with kit yeast, and 1kg BE3. Then add 40g Northern Brewers Hops in hop tea form (steep in just boiled water no longer than 10 min in big cofee plunger, its a bitter kit so it can take it :). transfer to keg, cold crash (in keg) and carbonate. Result: 21 ltr of Utter beer nirvana.    

Coopers: Preacher's Hefe Wheat <3 Beer February 20th 2020

Popular but a little disappointing

I am a real fan of this beer style, and it has been years between making one so I gave the Preachers kit a run. I used Morgans wheat lme 1.2 kg along with the standard yeast at 20-22 degrees controlled temp as is usually recommended. It pours hazy, with a decent head and has the desired bready, faintly citrus notes with sweetness and low bitterness. The flavour didnt taste its best until about 3 weeks; a bit slower than expected. Unfortunately the promised clove and banana esters are near to nonexistent. Serving at about 9+ degrees celsius is required to taste anything at all. The yeast was definitely not over pitched, so this is possibly because I habitually oxygenate the wort and forgot to NOT do that (oops) or because this yeast really requires fermentation around 17 degrees, as some do, to achieve its best. Friends and family loved it, but to me it was decent but just a little boring. If I did the same again, I would try to correct these mistakes, or otherwise add a little tettnager hops. Given I followed the recipe on the label, I can only give this 3 star unless the reason for the lack of ester development is clear.

Goliath: GENERIC - Homebrand Draught <3 Beer January 26th 2020

Ok for a cheap brew

For 9 bucks a can, what do you get? On opening the kit, it had little aroma or colour vs other kits. Likewise the final product had with minimal body and flavour and a head. Initially it had a very unusual cidery, cross cardboardy taste that I have never experienced before. The yeast is hardly premium grade and beer probably needs racking off as soon as the primary ferment is done. I brewed with dextrose only and no dry hop; any more seemed pointless for a budget batch. Given it is 25% cheaper than a Coopers kit, you are probably getting what you pay for. My recommendation is to buy a better kit though.

update: after a month ageing the nasty flavours cleared up. It pours clear and really tastes like a generic xxxx / vb just a little less flavour. A little dry hop would really help but it makes more sense to me to just spend the money on a better kit.

Mangrove Jacks: ROASTED STOUT WITH DRY HOPS <3 Beer January 16th 2020

Just bottled. To be updated

First impressions are outstanding. MJ have gone to some length to create a quasi-craft brew experience with high quality malt, yeast and dry hops. One gripe: The pouch may yield better product to the consumer, but its design ineeds work. It is very difficult to access the instructions without opening the extract part of the pouch. Not that there is any special wizardry therein, so no matter for experienced brewers.

A gift from my darling wife so made with 1kg lhbs brew enhancer she provided (seems to be coopers no 2 clone) plus an extra 320g ldme, as it was dark enough, but not stout enough already for my taste. The galena hops included smell divine! Tasting out of the fv gives intense dark malt character, strong roasted grain backbone and sufficient tannin to indicate this should be well aged. Hop presence is too strong at this stage, but this will be necessary to survive lengthy ageing. The strong ale yeast worked very effectively, and true to style, left relatively little trace in the final product. I dont expect it to taste the way it should for a few months (unlike the optimistic 3 weeks on the label) but will attempt to update as it goes. Will probably try it with some lactose next time though, as there will certainly be a next time.

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