Coopers India Pale Ale (IPA) Billd75 May 17th 2017

One of Coopers best selling kits, according to the local brew place and it is a great IPA really.

This was the fourth kit I brewed and still one of the best in my opinion. I had some o.k. ones before it, but weak and some good ones after, but this was one of the kits I liked most so far. I never used a spray malt DME with it (just straight white table sugar) and it still turned out good. It's powerful if you over sugar it, lol. I got pretty wasted on only a few of them and that was before I got a hydrometer, so I suspect I brewed a very strong beer cause I was a bit over generous with the sugar and I bought an extra yeast packet to add a few extra grams of Cooper's ale yeast to it. The result was a nice tasting beer, with a serious kick in the teeth for ABV. I was not expecting that. Overall, it was a nice kit and I would definitely brew it again, "properly", just to see what it is like when you don't spaz on it. Hehehe. This is a great beginner brew, because it is kind of hard to screw up. I thought for sure it was going to be horrible, with what I did to it, (a bit extreme) but it still turned out good. Cooper's yeast is very hardy (I pitched it a bit too warm) and it ate up all the sugar and turned out a strong regardless, but not an offensive tasting brew that sat well in the stomach, surprisingly, even when drunk, lol. Even a friend really liked it too, so it can't be that bad. Certainly, a very drinkable brew, even if you think you screwed it up. Like they say, as long as you sanitise and not pitch yeast at a really improper temp. it is hard to screw up beer really. Especially kits. 

Family Secret Amber Ale Westy April 24th 2017

A good base

Brewed with Kit and 1kg LDM. 

Great dark amber colour, and nice sweet malt taste balanced with moderate bitterness. Not a bad beer in it's own right, but less malt driven than the amber ales I enjoy, and a lack of aroma which can be expected without the addition of hops. Also found the bitterness a bit overpowering over the malt flavours. 

I will add specialty grains, perhaps crystal and chocoalate malt next time, as well as dry hop with galaxy to add more malt flavour and hop aroma.

Interested to see how the flavours develop as the beer ages. Defintely recommend this as a good base to play with.

Coopers Mexican Cerveza Westy April 24th 2017

Easy drinking beer

Brewed this according to kit instructions, except I added 250g of Honey to give some extra flavour complexity. Could do with the addition of a few hops for my taste, but the kit is a great base to play around with.

Tasted fairly cidery for the first month or so, but has become progessively tastier with age. A nice refreshing, easy drinking beer for those sunny afternoons, a great one to share with friends. The honey certainly added to the aroma and flavour. Lacks the citrus notes of Corona, but the addition of lime gets it tasting pretty similar. Will brew again, but will add some citra or galaxy hops next time to make the flavour more interesting. 

Coopers Original Lager Danny87 April 17th 2017

Awful to start with but gets better

I brewed as the instructions told 1kg of brew sugar and the malts extract. Left it for 3 weeks in 1st fermentation then bottled. Left it for another 3 weeks in bottles then put it in fridge left it over night then opened. God it was very bitter for a lager. Left a few bottles in for another 2 weeks and my god it was delightful. Not must head but plenty of life

Coopers Real Ale nzbeerbrewer March 19th 2017

Coopers Real Ale

I have been making Coopers Real Ale for the last 5 year, and every time it just seems to get better. I dont change must from whats in the kit in the way of the malt of brewing sugar but I do add a extra 500gs of liquid 500g glucose. at a starting temp of 25 degs c my SG is 1040 before I pitch my yeast. Ferment time I around 5 days as our house is at a temp of 24 degs all year round FG is at 1.000 giving me a beer of around a 5.2% Al vol. I bottle in 750 mls PET bottles with 2 carbon drops per bottle. Secondery fermentation is done in a dark warm second stage fermantation box for 12 days. After 12 days it is aged on a shelve for 2 to 3 monthslonger if needed. I will test sample 1 bottle once a month to get it to how I like it. With adding the 500g glucoses I have it give my beer a full body and a very smooth hop taste. When chilled to 4 degs and poured at the end of the pour there is a creamy head of around 25mm in the glass. Many of my friends enjoy this beer and there wives also. 

Hammer of Thor bobthebrewer March 18th 2017

Hammer of Thor II

I have just tasted a bottle of Thor brewed by a friend who was a COMPLETE novice before he did this very brew.  For a first ever brew, the beer is not mind blowing but is fairly decent, drinkable if on the sweet side.  For a KIT beer it's about as good as it gets ... I really can't fault Bulldog ... the product allows the complete novice to get onto the first rung of the ladder ... and produce a beer of moderate quality out of a tin ... or two.  And you can actually get drunk on it too, if you want to. Five star again ... for kit of course

Irish Red Ale psa2570 March 10th 2017

A great drop, love this stuff.

I bought this on a whim from our local home brew shop here in Kerikeri, NZ, and the store manager suggested coupling it up with a pouch of liquid malt extract, instead of a bag of dextrose or enhancer.  6 days in the fermenter (had to wait till I had a day off work) and 4 weeks in the bottles, to the day...

Has a dark brick red colour when held up to the light, smells malty, and tastes divine.  Reminds me of Wychwoods Hobgoblin, one of my favourite ales when I lived in England.

I'll definitely buy this one again.

India Pale Ale - Brewery Pouch psa2570 March 10th 2017

Came free with my fermenter kit

It's alright, nothing particularly special about it.  Found it to be a bit lacking both in body and taste wise, but after a few days in the fridge so that it was cold enough to make my fillings hurt it sufficed after a day at work in 30 degree heat.

Corriander & Orange Witbier Thump@ March 5th 2017

Orange & Corriander

Very strong on the Orange flavour -  as the names suggests I suppose.  The issue for me is that this was sold to me as a much closer clone to Hoegaarden than the whispering wheat and its a million miles away, nothing in this suggests Hoegaarden at all.  

But if you like a strong orange flavour in your beer this could be for you ?

Black Rock Whispering Wheat Thump@ February 15th 2017

Good Summer Brew

Looks like a wheat beer, tastes like a wheat beer and an ideal brew to put down over those hot summer days when the temp gets too high for other yeasts.  I've made it a few times and added different things and it has always turned out well.  I like to add some wheat spray malt and have always used Mangrove Jacks Bavarian Wheat yeast.

Wakatu Pilsner Thump@ February 15th 2017

Lots of Aroma Hop

So I have made it again with the Safelager at the lower temp and it is quite a different brew.  The longer ferment time has brought out alot more of the dry hop flavour. I think I prefer it brewed shorter at the higher temp but it is still delicious. 

Black Rock Colonial Lager Thump@ January 20th 2017

Nice Lager

A little lacking in flavour, but a good crisp clean lager. I dont think you could go wrong with this one.

Coopers Pilsner Thump@ January 19th 2017

Good for a Coopers

Hadn't done a Coopers kit for years so I bought two of these to try. Used Safelager for both. Dry hopped one with Saaz.  Both were very drinkable but there are Pilsner Kits out there so much better than this that I can only rate it a 3 out of 5. Good for a Coopers but I wont be buying another Coopers kit in a hurry.

Muntons Pilsner Thump@ January 19th 2017


Very drinkable but very sweet.  Needs some bittering hops.

Muntons Export Pilsner Thump@ January 19th 2017

Too sweet

Very drinkable but too sweet and not a Pilsner

Muntons Premium Lager Thump@ January 19th 2017

Very Sweet

Too sweet for me.  My lady friends like it though.

Muntons Premium Pilsner Thump@ January 19th 2017


Too sweet.  Needs some bittering hops.  Very drinkable though.

Crafted Indian Pale Ale Thump@ January 19th 2017

A Real IPA

First IPA kit I have made that tastes like a real IPA. I think it could improve even more with some dry hopping.

Dutch Pilsner neville January 9th 2017

Best ever

Great lager best kit around

dry hop or steep some German hops to add a bit of extra flavour if you like

Dry Stout neville January 9th 2017

Good Stout

good Stout

try with steeped oats to make an oatmeal stout

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