Thomas Coopers Devil's Half Ruby Porter The_Hard_Man September 21st 2017

Very impressed!

I'm a relatively recent starter in the homebrew stakes but the Coopers range has become a staple for me. I've been happy with every brew I've done - mostly Pale Ales, Lager and Draughts (and one Irish Stout). I'd never even heard of Porter before so I didn't know what to expect with this one. This is emminently drinkable and but still has depth of flavour. I batch primed this brew, carefully stirring in dissolved dextrose into the same fermenter, just before bottling. I was a bit concerned when the first bottle I opened (2 weeks later as directed by the label) was completely flat. Another 2 weeks on and all concerns were gone when I opened up very impressive bottle. 


Well done Coopers!

Brew A IPA Hoppy September 14th 2017

Nice drop

Not a bad drop at all after 4 weeks in the bottle.


Brew A can

1.5kg ldm

300g caramalt

250g light crystal

15g citra/mosaic/simcoe @ 10 mins

15g citra/mosaic/simcoe  dry hop

MJ M42/kit yeast re-hydrated


I would probably go more caramalt next time but it is tasting fabulous.


Coopers European Lager Aaron September 11th 2017

Coopers Green neck lager recipe

I made this to 21 litres

1 x European Lager kit, 800 g Brew enhancer # 1, 500 g LDME, 1 x Carapils grain pack ,

1 x Mangrove Jacks M 84 yeast fermented at 11-12 C.

I really love the way this one has turned out at just 20 days test. Great light bitterness and crisp dry finish. Could add hops but I'd rather save them for my Pale Ales and IPA's.

Excelent hot day summer drinking light tasting beer. Will definitely do again as it gets warmer.

well worth giving a go!



Family Secret Amber Ale Aaron August 27th 2017

Family Secret Amber Ale

What a nice beer, put down with kit yeast, 1kg of Brigalow extra malt, 1 Brigalow Galaxy Finishing Hops all bought from Big W on special, brewed for 3 weeks in the tub then bottled, Wow, after 2 weeks it was ok but 6 weeks later double wow, this is really a good beer, when your mates come around and you pour them a beer and non of them pick it as a homebrew and even say thats a nice beer what is it, you know your onto a winner, i have another bubbling away as we speak. would recommend this brew for anyone who just wants a beer that tastes and smells like a beer.

Munich Lager OMBREW August 21st 2017

Below average Kit

I brewed this all dry powder kit for the first time, and second time to brew lager.

After more than two weeks the foam did not disappear. Bottled with 2 Carbonation drops and drank after 2 weeks. The smell was not quite pleasant and almost soar so I was not sure if it was contaminated or not as the instruction asked for cool water to dissolve all the ingredients.

Long story short, I  think the pack is below average. I did not have a  Munich Lager to compare the taste and flavour, the taste is a little bit cidery, it turned out to have too much gas in the bottle, the taste and flavour got a lot better after week 4 in the bottle.  

Bootmaker Pale Ale Aaron August 11th 2017

awesome Pale Ale

It's quite unfair to rate this beer as its only been in the bottle for 2 weeks but I needed to see how it was going.

I made this one to 19L with 1x KG LDM, 1x 250 g Carapils grain pack and 13 g Amarillo hops boiled for 10 mins.

I ditched the kit yeast and added Safale US-05 instead as suggested by brew shop staff.

Brewed at constant 20C.

This one turned out a little less bitter than expected but great body and nice crisp finish.

Lovely citrusy grapefruit, toffee, pine  after taste. Well balanced and already a real pleasure to drink. 

Definitely be doing this one again and perhaps pimp up with some more hops but I think it's probably close to exactly how I like it now.

After a month I'll get a better idea what to do for the next one. 

Definately recommend.

Mangrove Jack's Czech Pilsner Cesur August 4th 2017

Really good Pilsner

Steeped 100g of Carapils for 30 minutes, dissolved 1kg of pilsner enhancer then the tin of MJ CZ Pilsner and 100g or maltodextrin. Into fermenter to 24L and Saflager 34/70 yeast. Fermented for 3 weeks at 13 degrees. 

4 weeks in bottle before sampling, the beer is nice and crisp with a dry finish. Nice nice and malty, with a lingering bitterness. Some quite fruity notes too. I am no beer expert, but this tastes better than any commercial Pilsner I've brought recently. Will definitely make this one again. 

Coopers Australian Pale Ale Cesur August 4th 2017

Better than expected

After making a few fancy brews I decided to make this one as cheaply as possible. 1.7kg tin of Coopers Aussie Pale Ale + 1kg of dextrose to 23.5l with kit yeast. Fermented at 22 degrees for 7 days then bottled. 

I was not expecting much, but after 3 weeks in the bottle I opened one. I was pleasantly susprised, it is very drinkable with no "twang" like I expected. As it gets old it jut gets better. 

Will definitely make it again.

Coopers European Lager Cesur August 4th 2017

Awesome!!! New Favourite!

I made this with a 1kg Mangrove Jacks Lager enhancer and Saflager 34/70 yeast. 

Fermented at 13 degrees for 3 weeks. 

3 weeks in bottle before first sampling. It was very good even at only 3 weeks. 

I let it sit for a few more weeks before trying another and it was incredible. Move over Heineken!!! 

Highly reccomended. 

Muntons Continental Lager gezginrocker June 30th 2017

Excellent lager

Made this with Muntons hopped DME and kit yeast. It was very bitter after about 10 days in bottle, but turned out to be an amazing lager after more time in bottle. I'm dying to make this one again, probably will try with a yeast like us-05 this time, but it's unfortunately out of stock at the place I buy.

Muntons Export Stout gezginrocker June 23rd 2017

Simply amazing

Did it with 500gr DME+500 sugar with kit yeast. The outcome is superb, in my opinion much better than Guinness.

Muntons Bock Beer gezginrocker June 23rd 2017


This is one of the first kits I've made and I love it. It seems to me like a cross between Stout and Lager. 

Woodfordes Wherry Bitter gezginrocker June 23rd 2017

All time favorite

This kit is my all time favorite, simply can't get get enough of it. But it is better to make it as 21 litres to get more body.

Muntons Pilsner gezginrocker June 23rd 2017

Decent Pilsneer

This was the first kit I've made and it's a very decent pilsner. But it's better to use DME for more body and a yeast like US-05 for betetr results.

Muntons Irish Style Stout MustardMan June 15th 2017

One of the best!

Yes Please!

I've made this twice.

First time added dextrose to an OG of 1.045. Turned out great.

Second time added 500g dark spray malt and enough dextrose to get to 1.o45.  Even better.

Overall a great base.  I highly recommend it and will continue to experiment with this as a starter.

If you like irish stout, it doesn't get much better than this.

Black Rock Miners Stout MustardMan June 15th 2017

Stout Lover approved!

I tried this for the first time.  

My first approach (with any stout) has evolved to:

1 can of brew

500 g of dark spray malt

23l total

dextrose to reach 1.045

primary 4-5 days   21 degrees

secondary 7-10      21 degrees

primed with dextrose  2/3 cup slurried in 2 cups water

Minimum 3 weeks in bottles at 21 degrees

Results awsome.  

Woodfordes Wherry Bitter ki_brew June 3rd 2017

First kit for newbie

Easy to follow instructions, but would have liked a bit more detail. 


The beer has now been bottled 3 weeks and very drinkable.


For my first ever brew I am very impressed.

Coopers Original Lager Bull8860 May 26th 2017

Coopers Draught Brew Kit

Got a Coopers Draught Kit some years ago.

It was so bad I ditched it for many years.

Just recently I dug out the fermenter from the shed, cleaned it, replaced the orings in the fermenter.

I bought a fresh wort kit from a local beer shop and got a keg etc, etc.

Wow what a difference a proper wort makes, it is as good if not better than any of the commercial beers out there.

I have made several brews, including American Lager, Aussie Pale Ale, Hef using saison yeast, all were exceptional taste and for a lay out of $45.00 to make 20ltrs of beer it is worth every cent.

I keep the original yeast from each style of beer and use it on the next brew, the yeast improves brew after brew.

I can fully ferment most of my brews in 7 days, cold crash for 5, carbonate in the keg for 48 hours, there you have it a great tasting beer in 2 weeks.

To be fair I am going to do a Coopers Can brew in my fermenter and keg it, I'll see if it improves or not.


Wakatu Pilsner Thump@ May 22nd 2017

New Favourite

This is now one of my staples and I always have a keg of it on tap. Brewed at 15C for 4 weeks and dry hopped for the last 4 days with a blend of Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka & Motueka hops.

Black Rock Whispering Wheat Billd75 May 17th 2017

Even drinking this green is pretty good! Lol. 10 days in bottles and it is starting to taste pretty good.

So, I decided to try my first Black Rock kit and I liked the sound of Whispering Wheat. Fruity overtones etc. etc. sounded like a nice beer to kick off the summer. Well, despite the fact that it came with an underwhelming amount of yeast (who puts 5 grams for a 1.7 kg kit?, even Coopers puts 7grams.) I am pretty impressed with this brew. I added some extra Cooper's ale yeast I had to this to bring it up to about 10 grams of yeast and the result is a fairly smooth, very fizzy and quenching brew, but not overpowering either. Better than some other weak kits I have brewed in the "summer" category. I started with some Mr. Beer kits and was not overly impressed with them. The American Light Ale it comes with is a joke. Weak and metallic and just not really great. The second I brewed was the Aztec Mexican Cerveza from Mr. Beer and it was decent (as good as Corona) but still fairly weak. Then I found out that most of these lighter beers in cans are not that great sometimes. So I have since graduated to bigger brewing amounts, but I still employ the Mr. Beer Fermenter cause I like it and I still am liking the can kits (haven't graduated to brewing from scratch, yet) The next was a Cooper's IPA, which is a great brew and then I decided to try something non Cooper's and went with Black Rock Whispering Wheat and started using spray malt sugar instead of white (cane) table sugar. I used the "proper" malt for this, a medium wheat spray malt and I am rather impressed with the results. It has bite, but not too much and even though it is still a bit green, it is starting to get really smooth and has a "fairly" pleasant taste. Certainly not offensive in any way. One might even say it's bland, as some have said, but I think differently. It's not bland, but it does lack something. The only extra thing I added, was about a quarter to a third cup of real 100% Canadian, grade A Maple Syrup. I am kind of liking this beer actually as far as smoothness, light flavour and heavy head and carbonation. Very thirst quenching. It has enough kick for a lighter and more "summery" type beer, but maintains that nice light flavour. Is it bland on the wheat flavour? Yes, but it is still rather pleasent. Is it a bad beer? No. I've brewed MUCH worse beers, like that Mr Beer American Light Ale. Lol. 

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