Coopers Australian Pale Ale Richardbutto August 23rd 2016

Keep it simple

Been making the pale ale kit for quite a while, one of the best was just the kit plus dextrose and dry hop pride of Ringwood, so close to the real thing! Have made with 3 hops plus malts but the basic recipe is the best

Morgans Canadian Light Richardbutto August 23rd 2016

Best easy drinking

Best easy drinking kit, very underrated! Like to make it as a low carb and low gluten brew with just 500g dextrose, dry enzime and dry hop with galaxy, chinook, or tettanger for a great never fail thurst quencher! Really cant go wrong with this kit as a basic or triple hoped pale ale, have done with s04 yeast, 15g cluster, 15g armorillo and 15g wiiliamette and 1.5kg morgans liquid wheat malt as a james squire 150 lashes clone with great results too, supplied yeast is very good too!

Morgans Golden Saaz Pilsener peterlonz August 13th 2016

Very disappointing

Did everything right:

Morgans premium lager yeast, fermented at a constant 21.5 (I do not have fermentation temp control) monitored closely!

Morgans Saaz finishing hops & 1 Kg of Ultrabrew.

It looks like cat's pee, taste is bland. IBU very low & almost zero hop aroma or taste.

Don't bother there are many better kits, Morgans need to do something about this product!

Geordie Scottish Export Beer Kit bobthebrewer April 12th 2016

A Grim Experience

Kit & Kilo, some yeast nutrient added. 

First, the yeast was VERY slow to take off.  Difficult fermentation, very weak yeast and on inspection it smelt bready ... maybe I should have fermented the brew with baker's yeast instead, it might have worked better !

Kegged after two weeks in primary, it spent another 8 days in the keg and it still had not carbed up correctly.  On tasting, you have guessed, it was somewhere between cider and vinegar and with a lot of imagination a hint of beer in the background ... shame it did look nice when I managed to get a glass out of the keg. 

I do not have fermentation problems with my AG brews ... so the brewer is not at fault here.  Everything was done correctly

The moral of the story, I will not be buying single can kits again ... a grim experience, I have been vaccinated.

Coopers Australian Pale Ale bobthebrewer April 12th 2016

Drinkable ?

Kit & Kilo, no mods.

This one reminded me of what my HB tasted like when I started back in 1988 ... pretty grim in other words.  The result would be just about drinkable if I were young, stupid, unemployed, totally broke and I needed to get drunk.  I could force it down.  Just.  

Most of the reviews on the site seem pretty positive.  Most of the reviewers however seem to have tarted up the kit in some way.  Maybe I am spoilt and the comparison with AG puts this kit in a poor light. ?

Drinkable? Not for me, not today.  I would not buy this kit again.  It gets a two star rating solely because the kit does produce a beer of some sorts, just.

Muntons Pils kubilay April 6th 2016

Muntons Scottish Style Heavy Ale MonsterVic March 27th 2016

Great one, almost a stout

After about 5-6 days fermenation and 12 days in the bottles it's already great.

Made it with standard sugar from the kitchen, following the instructions.

Really hard to explain how it tastes,  it's really a heavy ale almost as sweet as a stout, but definitely has it's own character, and very strong body, and dense, probably because it's only 17Litre from the same amount as usually a 23 Litre kit.

Color is dark,  don't put too many bubbles in as it's just wouldn't match this style,  I made it with 5.4g sugar per Litre.

I will make this one again for sure.

Muntons Canadian Style Beer chlehb March 12th 2016


I brewed this kit with 1.5kg of light LME and 100g corn sugar. I added 20g each of Cascade and Amarillo @20min left in the boil. I proofed the yeast and pitched 6g Brewferm top along with the kit yeast. Fermentation was at 18°. It didn't ferment well, FG was 1.016 (OG was 1.040). The beer has been in the bottle for a month now. It has carbed nicely but it's really nothing special. It's lacking in body and taste and it's too sweet because of the high FG. I would not brew this kit again.

Coopers India Pale Ale (IPA) MonsterVic March 9th 2016

Nice one

Made this kit 3 times. Actually I have never made it at is I have always added some Citra or Mosaic hops.

But in nutshell I think it's a great kit for the price / Litre.

The only downside is that somehow it has a small sour taste, I had this in all 3.

Muntons IPA Bitter MonsterVic March 9th 2016

One of the bests

This was one of the best I did so far (7 total),  way better than Coopers IPA.

Strange that they are calling it as bitter because it's actually almost sweet.

I have dry hopped with about 15g Citra for about 6-7 days after the fermentation finished which gave it a freat smell, and added 5.3g / Litre sugar to the bottles.

It was very quickly drinkable (1 week) but 2-3 more weeks in the bottles just made it better, the 45 bottles dissapeared very quickly :)

Definitely I'll make this one again in the future.

Easter Chocolate Stout bobthebrewer March 6th 2016

Bulldog Chocolate Stout

Kit done according to the instructions.  Six weeks in the bottle before tasting.

A difficult one this.  I am sure the kit does what it is meant to do ... the problem is, I don't like the beer. 

On the nose : 100% cocoa, dark chocolate

Nice tight tan head, thick and creamy, perfect carbonation.

On the tongue : there are the roasty bitter flavours that are typical of a stout coupled with a fortified wine, port type flavour..  On the tongue, it tastes more like a fortified wine or port than a beer.  Did someone design the recipe thinking of putting a tot of port into a pint of stout ?  If so, then the kit works perfectly.  But I just don't like it. 

I have given the kit a two star rating because I don't like the beer.  There is no way I would repeat this kit.  But there are perhaps people out there who would find it excellent ?  I hate bananas ... a lot of people think they are gorgeous.  I think this is a question of personal taste, so please don't take my word for the truth ... I would recommend finding a few more reviews before making a final decision.

Coopers Ginger Ale Drunk Dutch March 3rd 2016

Just found my new brew !

10 out 10 !!!  Just brewed my first ginger beer - and it ain't going to be my last !

Coopers Australian Pale Ale chlehb February 3rd 2016

Nice Pale Ale to tune to your liking

This was my very first brew. I used only 250g of DME and 500g of dextrose. I added some NB bittering hops during the boil, I wish I had added some aroma hops as well. 8 days in primary, followed by 2 weeks in the bottle. I may do this kit again some day as it's a really nice base. I would definitely suggest to: a) use at least 1kg of DME or LME, b) do a short boil with some Cascade or Amarillo. You don't really need additional bittering, c) use no more than 19L of water, d) light dry hop with maybe 15g of your aroma hop.

Muntons Nut Brown Ale bobthebrewer December 7th 2015

Kit & Kilo

Kit & kilo, no mods, out the tin, add the sugar and you are away. 

Three weeks later, out of the bottle.  It's a fine pint.  There is the very slight acidic zing that comes from adding all of that sugar relative the malt extract but other than that, it's fine. There are no major roasty flavours, it's wet, fizzy, tastes of beer.   I would rather drink this than a lot of commercial beers out there on the supermarket shelves.  It is not a universe stopper, a perfectly fine session beer but considering the price and the ease of use, what more could you want?  For me, the kit gets a five star because it does "what it says on the tin" so to speak ... it's cheap, easy to use and the results are reasonable, if not mind-blowing.  And it still works out far cheaper than those beers you'll find in the stores ...

Coopers Stout beerfoot December 2nd 2015

stout and nothing but stout

been brewing it for the last 8 years +

never had a bad brew,

tryed adding licorish ,coffee etc,but none seem to last in flaver over time

recently have been using BREWMASTERS stout inhancer 50 ml per 23l  and 500 gm of lactose ,the lactose smothes it out incredably great initaly but still disappers after time [ 3-4 weeks]

i only use quater of the yeast and only 500 grams of sugar [ 2 stroke i no ]but you can drink a heap more and dont start speaking dutch and talking brail lol



Coopers Stout Mörv November 16th 2015

second brew

Did it with 500g dark spray malt and 500g dextrose. Fermented around 20-21 degrees for 7 days. Tasted it after a week in bottle. Really strange flavour, smelled good though, it was dry and kinda water-ish. It is my second brew, really disappointed.

Wheat jon630271 October 20th 2015

Solid wheat.

THe description from Festa Brew called it a north american style wheat which is fine, but I was hoping for more of a hefeweizen.

In any case I brewed it a little off from the instructions (4 weeks primary, to bottle) and turned out pretty good.  No off flavours, a bit of that trademark wheat beer banana going on.  No real hop aroma.  I was hoping there wouldn't be a strong presence of north american hops as that's not my preference for wheat beers..  and there isn't.  It's a bit more like a kristalweizen, by my non-professional opinion.  Would brew again!

Muntons IPA Bitter JAZZCON August 1st 2015

Very well balanced and easy to brew.

Writing this review while drinking the results. Added 1 kg of dextrose only to the kit. Used the yeast that came with the kit. No secondary fermentation when this beer was made. I just fermented in a bucket and after the bubbles stopped a week in bottled the next day into glass bottles with flip tops and Samuel Adams bottles that I recapped. After 3 weeks of bottle conditioning started to dink them. Turned out really nice. The beer has a head when poured yet the head will dissipate rather quickly which is to be expected (I only added 1 kg of dextrose.) There is nice lacing on the glassware from the small head that does stick around. The flavor is very very well balanced. Most people who like beer will enjoy this kit even if they may not enjoy home brew usually. Next time I brew this kit I will add dried malt extract to increase the body of the beer and to also increase the malt flavor. I recommend this kit and Muntons brand kits.  

Morgans Golden Sheaf Wheat Beer BradGC July 18th 2015

Great hoegarden style beer

This kit is excellent!

I added 1 can wheat malt extract, 12 g saaz hops, wheat beer yeast, orange peel, 1 tbsp coriander seeds.

Very similar to hoegarden

Double Oatmeal Stout elreplica June 25th 2015

Great drop

Well, I finally bit the bullet and fermented a box of DOS wort. It's das bomb...Stygian dark with rich flavour and character - drinkable even four or five days in the bottle. I am aging it until at least the end of July when a buddy visits, but do sneak one here and there for chronological testing purposes. It blends well with a brown or pale ale to come up with a porter-like "swamp water" brew. And since Festa doesn't create a porter, you can blend a Brown Ale with the DOS to make one. I can see this being better than a Guinness and although I'm a recent casual convert to stout, I can see keeping a batch of this in my stockpile. I may go the next step and mini-keg a batch and carb it with a nitrogen/CO2 blend...

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